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Helen Doron
Город - Киев
Адрес расположения - ул. М. Житомирская , 20а, оф.32
Форма собственности - частная
Специализация - иностранные языки
(044) 223-55-75
Центр раннего изучения английского Английский язык с 1,5 года до 7 лет. школа киев
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Helen Doron Early English offers the gift of English

Learning English early in life gives children a significant head-start. Turn that into an even bigger advantage by using the only internationally acclaimed early English learning method that allows children to absorb English in exactly the same way they learn their mother tongue - with confidence and ease.
Stimulating a child's natural ability to learn through play
Cultivates a child's disposition to learn. 
Broadens a child's knowledge of the world. 
Fosters a child's creativity and imagination. 
Improves a child's confidence and self-esteem. 
Learning should be fun 

The Helen Doron learning system is a responsive, insightful approach that encourages enjoyment and engagement in order to open the mind to learning, and hone intellectual skills at any age. Our children begin speaking and understanding English with a joy and vitality you'll never see in a conventional classroom.
What our classes offer 

Helen Doron Early English has been a qualified international success for over 20 years, teaching nearly half a million babies, toddlers and children worldwide. We offer a total of 10 courses in English for children aged 3 months - 14 years:
7 years spoken English for infants and young children (optional reading and writing). 
3 years spoken English plus reading and writing for older children. 
Special attention paid to correct accent, grammar and vocabulary. 
Older children are prepared for international language examinations. 
Classes maintain a fun, nurturing and motivating environment for all age groups. 
Exceptional learning materials 

Designed by experts, Helen Doron Early English learning materials are brimming with activities that promote pleasure in acquiring new skills by enhancing engagement and motivation for all age ranges. This in turn allows our teachers to fully expand their joy of teaching. 
Specially qualified teachers 

Helen Doron Early English teachers' participate in intensive training, and are specially qualified to cultivate the kind of fun-filled, motivating environment that sets us apart. Our teachers receive on-going guidance, and a steady supply of new learning materials to keep their classes continually fresh and lively.